Willow Log 003 – REFIT Studios with Fullwrite Creative

I had the opportunity a week ago to film with Fullwrite Creative capturing a few promotional videos for Refit, a dance exercise company in Waco, Texas. You can visit their website here!


It was an awesome shoot and we had lots of fun. We started by filming a three person interview in their office. I lit this with a 4×4 frame of 250 diffusion and a kino flo bank with Quasar Science bulbs. There was another kino camera left giving some fill/back light.

After that, we filmed Broll around their office and then relocated to a warehouse where we filmed a spoken word. I only used negative fill for this giving contrast to the image. The overcast weather enabled me to use the natural soft key.

Then we shot some footage in a home with a woman who goes to Refit classes and ended the day filming at their studio. I lit the studio scene with two key kinos through two 250 4×4 diffusion sheets and then backlit with a third kino.

Prod Co. – Fullwrite Creative (fullwritecreative.com)
Client – Refit Revolution
Director – Robert Fuller
DP – Will Aker
Second Cam Op – Nathan McBride
Grip/Sound – Jonathan Blair


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