Willow Log 002 – | Fullwrite Creative

Hey there. It’s been a while. Been busy with the holidays and such. Just now had time to go through some past footage I shot and pick out some selects.

We had the opportunity to shoot in Austin for a company called Smart Search. They say that location is key and this shoot made me realize that this statement is in fact true. We filmed in a $3.4 million dollar home that had never been lived in. It was awesome.

The gear we used was a RED Scarlet W, Sigma Art Lenses, Kino 6 bank with Quasar bulbs, 4×4 210 diffusion, 4×4 floppys, and a dana dolly.

Prod Co. – Fullwrite Creative (fullwritecreative.com)
Dir – Robert Fuller
DP – Will Aker
Key Grip – Jonathan Blair

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