Willow Log 001 – Valor Prep Academy | Fullwrite Creative

I’ve decided I’m going to blog about my journey as a cinematographer/filmmaker. This is going to be the first post of hopefully many. I’ll post about projects and shoots, as well as content that covers how we shot things and include frames from projects.

So… here we go…

Journey 001 Entry

Had the awesome opportunity to shoot a promo for Valor Preparatory Academy in Waco with Fullwrite Creative. This shoot was one of my favorites for the year. The admin and students of Valor are incredible and the school is unique and awesome in itself.

This piece was shot on RED Dragon Format (Scarlet-W) with Sigma Art Lenses.

The day consisted of interviews with one set-up, and lots of school broll. Stay posted for the final product.

See some of the frame grabs below!

Production Co – Fullwrite Creative (www.fullwritecreative.com)
Director – Robert Fuller
DP – Will Aker

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