Essentium HSE Promotional Film

There’s something sweet about innovation. It’s new. It’s fast. And this one is built by rocket engineers. Maybe not… but it sure feels like it.

I loved working on this video with Fullwrite Creative ( We had the opportunity to spend time with some of the greatest minds of technology in today’s age and hear some of their thoughts on their developing products. Most of what they said went right over my head. But it sounded cool.

Getting to see a 3D printer that prints at 10x the speed of the current market printer was quite miraculous. It’s amazing actually. It was really fun to creatively capture everything.

I was responsible for a majority of the footage in the video. We shot on RED dragon sensors with Sigma glass. I used kit LED lights and other lights to capture everything we needed to.

Go to for more info on the company.

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Hit me up if you want to shoot or if you have any questions.

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