Collaboration is a highlight of my job. It’s always a joy to get to work with other creatives and filmmakers.

I had the opportunity to DP a commercial for a fellow production company in Waco, TX. We got use some vintage glass which added a nice flavor the overall aesthetic and look of the piece.

Here are a few frames from the shoot.

I wrote a blog at the end of last year talking about a shoot with REFIT Revolution. I posted some frames from the project and talked about it but I wanted to share the finished product. Enjoy.

Production Company: Fullwrite Creative (
Directed by: Robert Fuller
DP: Will Aker (
Edit: Nathan McBride (ig: @nathan_mcb)

Production Company: Fullwrite Creative (
Directed by: Robert Fuller
DP: Will Aker (
AC: Nathan McBride
Sound: Jonathan Blair
Edit: Robert Fuller

There’s something sweet about innovation. It’s new. It’s fast. And this one is built by rocket engineers. Maybe not… but it sure feels like it.

I loved working on this video with Fullwrite Creative ( We had the opportunity to spend time with some of the greatest minds of technology in today’s age and hear some of their thoughts on their developing products. Most of what they said went right over my head. But it sounded cool.

Getting to see a 3D printer that prints at 10x the speed of the current market printer was quite miraculous. It’s amazing actually. It was really fun to creatively capture everything.

I was responsible for a majority of the footage in the video. We shot on RED dragon sensors with Sigma glass. I used kit LED lights and other lights to capture everything we needed to.

Go to for more info on the company.

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Hit me up if you want to shoot or if you have any questions.

Early in December, I had the opportunity to travel to Southeast Asia to capture footage of the country I was in. It was incredible adventure. I loved meeting the people that I met and getting to travel to the places we traveled.

I always love getting out and traveling. It’s refreshing to be in a new country, a new culture, and be around different people. To celebrate this country, I’ve created a short film of some of the best shots I captured while over there.

I shot everything with a Sony A7s II. I used Canon and Sony glass.

Everything was shot in Slog 2 and 3, color graded in Premiere using FilmConvert.

I had the opportunity a week ago to film with Fullwrite Creative capturing a few promotional videos for Refit, a dance exercise company in Waco, Texas. You can visit their website here!

It was an awesome shoot and we had lots of fun. We started by filming a three person interview in their office. I lit this with a 4×4 frame of 250 diffusion and a kino flo bank with Quasar Science bulbs. There was another kino camera left giving some fill/back light.

After that, we filmed Broll around their office and then relocated to a warehouse where we filmed a spoken word. I only used negative fill for this giving contrast to the image. The overcast weather enabled me to use the natural soft key.

Then we shot some footage in a home with a woman who goes to Refit classes and ended the day filming at their studio. I lit the studio scene with two key kinos through two 250 4×4 diffusion sheets and then backlit with a third kino.

Prod Co. – Fullwrite Creative (
Client – Refit Revolution
Director – Robert Fuller
DP – Will Aker
Second Cam Op – Nathan McBride
Grip/Sound – Jonathan Blair


Hey there. It’s been a while. Been busy with the holidays and such. Just now had time to go through some past footage I shot and pick out some selects.

We had the opportunity to shoot in Austin for a company called Smart Search. They say that location is key and this shoot made me realize that this statement is in fact true. We filmed in a $3.4 million dollar home that had never been lived in. It was awesome.

The gear we used was a RED Scarlet W, Sigma Art Lenses, Kino 6 bank with Quasar bulbs, 4×4 210 diffusion, 4×4 floppys, and a dana dolly.

Prod Co. – Fullwrite Creative (
Dir – Robert Fuller
DP – Will Aker
Key Grip – Jonathan Blair

I’ve decided I’m going to blog about my journey as a cinematographer/filmmaker. This is going to be the first post of hopefully many. I’ll post about projects and shoots, as well as content that covers how we shot things and include frames from projects.

So… here we go…

Journey 001 Entry

Had the awesome opportunity to shoot a promo for Valor Preparatory Academy in Waco with Fullwrite Creative. This shoot was one of my favorites for the year. The admin and students of Valor are incredible and the school is unique and awesome in itself.

This piece was shot on RED Dragon Format (Scarlet-W) with Sigma Art Lenses.

The day consisted of interviews with one set-up, and lots of school broll. Stay posted for the final product.

See some of the frame grabs below!

Production Co – Fullwrite Creative (
Director – Robert Fuller
DP – Will Aker